Blain Genealogical Services


Services are outlined in the page on ‘expectations’.  These are based in the expertise gained in working on my own family stories, and in helping others.

Many years ago when I was a PhD student, I was asked to provide a detailed account of my own family, and write about the society and ways people lived. My family were in Lowland Scotland. This gave me a start - I was hooked.

So, what we offer here is a service to help people who are attempting their own family research - and who may not have access to some of the facilities that they need, and welcome other ideas and ways to look at this history.

Importantly, ‘family history’ IS history. It is particular to your family, and it’s local to where they were, and where they moved to. It connects them - and you today - into the social processes of the times in which they lived. It shows how they have shaped the world in which you live today.

So, here we offer both genealogical tracing, and help in interpreting that and in recognising the contribution that your ancestors may have made.

And the ‘Blain’ name? It comes from Wigtownshire...

The portrait is of my great-grandmother, Marion Fisher, born in Linlithgow Bridge, later living in Paisley and Glasgow. The other images show the Bridge Inn at Linithgow Bridge, owned by her family - and the old Wishart Arch in Dundee, which I was shown as a young child.

In doing Family History, not only people but places matter.

An introduction to the services given here