Stanton Moor Campaign

Website owner's note

While I'm somewhat 'local' to the area (20 mins drive on small roads) I do not live right next to Stanton Moor. The people providing information for these pages, however, do.

I came to know of the situation due to my involvement with local 'sacred sites' and through my research project - see The focus of this research is on pagan and spiritual interpretations of prehistory.

Some leading heritage people have commented on how interpretations of local people, in Britain, are the last to be consulted when knowledge of an area is being gathered. In my research work I'm seeking to broaden understandings of place and landscape and gather narratives of what places mean to people who live there. However, before I can find out what Stanton Moor means to people, there has to be a moor left!

I don't necessarily agree with everything on this StantonMoor site. However I am in broad agreement with the aims of the Stanton Moor campaign, and therefore am glad to give space for voices of this campaign.

Jenny Blain, April 2004.

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