Artisans in Industrial Scotland

This was the original paper which I wrote for post-graduate credit while working on my PhD. In these days we didn’t have Scotland’s People, and I wa fortunate to be able to take a ‘holiday’ back in Scotland, and briefly to Edinburgh for a visit to Register House to look at some of the records there - in the days when you had to place an order for any record and then it was brought to you.

At National Records of Scotland of course this still persists for many records, but both statutory BMD and Old Parochial BMD records are now online at Scotland’s People, and many other records for which NRS at Register House still needs to be visited are digitised so that they can be easily accessed when there.

The paper is mostly online, and is indexed from my Old Table of Contents - click on that to link and scroll down. It will open in a new window. I have not uploaded the final sections, about my mother’s life in Dundee and my thoughts overall - the first seems a bit too recent and the second is mostly superseded by the new findings.

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