Stanton Moor Campaign

Trees at Lees Cross
Lees Cross as it is currently - trees in autumn
This is what a working quarry looks like.
Dale View

Will it all be gone?

Many people will know that Stanton Moor is under threat from quarrying. Application has been made by Stancliffe Stone (owned by Marshalls PLC) to reopen the Lees Cross and Endcliffe quarries. These have not been worked for approx. 40 years.

The edge of the application area is approximately 180 metres from the Nine Ladies stone circle, but less then 10 metres from the edge of the area of the scheduled ancient monument which includes prehistoric and later archaeology, with cairns, burials, and stone circles. While the Nine Ladies is the best known ancient construction within the area, it is not alone, and the whole moor - in ecological terms actually a 'heath', and home to some rare or protected species of plants and animals - forms the scheduled ancient monument.

The nearest house, at Stanton Lees, is within 50 metres of the edge of the proposed quarrying area.

Stanton Lees Action Group is campaigning against the quarries. This webpage at is about their campaign. Further details will follow including questions and answers.

A contact email will shortly be available. In the meantime please email moor @ (omit spaces if typing email address).

Images Stanton Lees Action Group

Some further information about other campaigns to preserve the moor is currently available on the Sacred Sites website at

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