Four generations of William Gilleses in LInlithgow

…and some of their children and kin. Assumption here is that John Gilleis (d. 1648) was brother of the second William, but there may have been a different relationship such as of cousins. Right-click/Control-click to expand.
Jeane Gilleis who married Patrik Buckney (elder) is not shown in this chart. She may be a younger sister to William2 and John, or a niece, or even a child of Wm2. She was born before 1613, and had children with her husband Patrik, litstar (dyer) burgess, in 1636, 37, 38 and 41, the last being Patrik younger, the witness to the 1673 baptism; an elder child, Kathrein in 1628, may also be hers but only the father’s name is given in these earlier records from Linlithgow. 

There were also a George and an Alexander Gilles who had children baptised in the 1620s, again not shown in this chart. William and John Gilles were witnesses to the baptism of some of George’s chlldren, including the eldest (Hellin, 1621)

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